Friday, August 7, 2015

Be an "Active Participant" and
don't argue with the engineer.

Member participation and the reason tickets sold are labeled "Active Participant."

Classes here at the studio have tickets labeled as "active participant" for the reason that attending is not the point of the class at a maker studio.  You have to be more than a ticket holder - you have to be active in the class.  Work at it if the class is free or for a fee.

If you disagree thats okay but be considerate with your revolt against the truth from an engineer. Visit here for more on that.

We really need you to be vocal and let us know when you will be attending a class.  A lot of work goes into making the classes effective if free or for a fee.  Please take the time to RSVP for the class if you will be attending.
Notice Arguing with the engineer may be ineffective. . .

Marking a class "I'm Going" on facebook event and then not showing up for the class will make engineers sad. . .

Thanks for taking the time to visit this little blog.  Now go sign up and attend a class or start a class of your own.

Thanks - from LCFE.