Maker Studio

CNC Mill
We have a shapeoko2 CNC mill.  Members find this is great for small unit milling.  

3D Printer
Oni H-Bot 200mm cube build volume - Printing in either PLA or ABS materials.
capable of a build height of from .2 mm down to .08 mm layer height.

Soldering station
Your electronic projects can be easily handled with our professional grade soldering station.  If you do not know how to use one stop in and ask for a demo.

Work space benches
More than 60 feet of work bench and Counter space for projects.  Bring your project to work on the benchs. Take advantage of the storage area to hold your project when you are out.

Hand tools
Neat and organised tools for all your projects are available through out the Studio. 

Air tools
We have installed overhead Pneumatic Air Hose lines to areas of the Studio.  We have installed air hoses for air tools.  The Drops are in the Wood Shop and above the Work bench area of the Studio. The cleverly hidden space for the compressor is in a double walled and insulated area.

Wifi and High speed network access available throughout the facility.  With Gigabit Fiber to the building we have plenty of bandwidth available.

Materials Depot
The retail portion of the facility offers many consumables that your projects will need. From Screws nails and staples to Raspberry Pi and power supplies. We also have 3D printing filament for use in the Printers on site. 

Laser Cutter

The Center now has an Epilog Mini  in the maker studio. Capable of 12x18 cut area. We have materials on hand for cutting acrylic.  Materials cost is nominal and we have a limited supply.  We will have a free to members class on preparing files for cutting.  This class will have a materials cost.  For non members and to open the option to the public the class will have a fee and materials cost. Check the calendar for a list of times.

Growth of the Space
There is more room for expansion beyond the shop.  As we grow we have the option of acquiring more space to build out more of our facility.