3D Printing 123 - Saturday August 22nd 10 AM - 1 pm  $30 per person
Learn all about the latest hobby of 3D printing.  You will go from start to finish in 3d printing a creation of your own. Bring a Laptop to load some free and some opensource software on. . .  Mac or PC.
Laser Cutting Class - File Preperation - Saturday August 22nd 2pm - 3pm  - Free to public
Learn about the file types needed and see our Epilog Mini Laser Cutter in action.  Class is Free to public.  
Free take away item.  Have your test idea cut out of Foam Core.  There will be a materials cost if you want something cut from clear Acrylic.  
  • Engraving versus Cutting
  • Vector files
  • Raster files
  • Optional - bring a laptop to the class.
Basic Electronics - Monday August 24th 6-8 pm  $20 per person
Learn about Basic electical circuits and schematics.  
bring a laptop - optional not required.

Basic Arduino - Tuesday August 25th 6 -8 pm  $20 per person
Learn about arduino microcontrollers work with fritzing or embrio.  
Note: bring a laptop.