Friday, June 19, 2015

Wearable Electronics Workshop  #DIYTECHNOCRAFTING

Delight your young child by enrolling them in a sweet little workshop where they learn how a very simple circuit works as well as basic sewing. They get to create a felt bag, decorated with LED lights that switch on and off. It will light up their little lives. Ages 4-12  (please plan to assist your child) Attend this great #DIYTechocrafting workshop and create a wearable electronic item. 

We have two projects available. This is a hands on learning lab in simple sewing with Zia.  Zia will teach the Class starting at the Lawrence Center for Entrepreneurship in the Maker Studio at 5pm and run till 7pm.

You may continue to work on your items by attending the 7pm free movie night. 

Student ages are suggested at 4 to 12 years with an adult assistance. Additional Kits are available for $15 please check out the Materials Depot at LCFE for specifics.

No Soldering only sewing ;) 

Get your Eventbrite tickets for July 11th

About the Instructor
Born in New Delhi, India in 1965, Zia has spent her adult life in the US and Finland from where she received her Master of Arts in Ceramics from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Her work has encompassed both studio sculptural and functional work in porcelain as well as large public installations which require interaction with the audience. She also created and runs Zig Designs, a small business producing art to wear. She is currently establishing a new studio, developing a special workshop to be incorporated into schools and working on a new series of public interactive installations. Zia has sewn and knitted since she was seven and loves teaching handwork to young children. She is excited to combine wearable electronics with hand sewn products that delight young children.