Monday, March 23, 2015

Organization Tips for the Busy Professional

Being in business can be hard. Finding time to organize your to-do list in addition to keeping up with the tasks that pay the bills can be too much. Let's change that. Here is a quick list of tools to help you do business better.

  1. Streak for Gmail a CRM tool to help you organize your contacts, to-dos, and more. Quickly associate emails with a task.
  2. Calendly a simple tool to help you schedule calendar events easier. No more back and forth to find a god time. Send a link and let them pick a time.
  3. Dropbox is a storage site that allows you to share items across devices easily. Move pictures from a phone to computer easily. Share items with others as well.
  4. Drive quickly create and store office documents. Send via Gmail easily as well as share with others.

These are just a few of the tools to help keep you as productive as possible. What are your favorites? Share them on our Facebook page or Tweet them to our director, Kris Adair.

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